Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trump and His Trumpeteers

Having not yet reached his first 100 days in office, this pleonastic individual has already seen fit to taking a vacation.  It's all about him, and always has been.

He rails about budget, and spending money; but only where it concerns the health and well-being of others.  He has no problem spending millions and billions upon himself and his cronies.  Tax breaks for the wealthy equal tax burdens on the poor and middle class.

His most egregious act so far, besides the "Muslim countries" ban, and the random detaining of people going about their own business, is the withdrawal of support for military families stationed abroad.

He has no compunction about this at all.  A psychiatrist from Johns Hopkins Medical Center has described this impostor of a president as a "malignant narcissist."  It means he just does not care about anyone who is not of his own income bracket or social class.

That last is the oxymoron of all oxymorons.  He has no class; never has, and never will.  Unfortunately, the turn of events that placed (not voted, but placed) him in the highest office in the land saw the state of the occupant go from first class to white trash.

In his rush to fulfill his ill-advised campaign promises, he has made several executive orders which are ignorant at best, and unconstitutional at worst, and he has alienated large segments of the population.  
This is easily seen in the mass protests happening all over, and the cowardly withdrawal of his fellow Republicans from attending their own 'town hall' meetings.  There has also been a notable exodus from the White House of those whom he sought to appoint to his cabinet.

The tables will turn; they are turning, slowly, but picking up speed.  He thinks he is the center of the universe, but he is far from it; he'd better watch out, or, like the old fashioned fun house big disk ride, he will be flung off to the side.

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