Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Time For Boots on the Ground

Wow, being forced to be civil, is really not easy for me. I'm known as a hard ball player on Face Book.  When I see or hear BS, I voice my liberal opinion.  And, I show facts to back up what I am saying.

But, I can not keep quiet with what is going on with this travel ban on people for the religion they believe in. All except for the four nations he does business with. What trump, (not capitalized on purpose) is doing is beyond sickening.
This is how Hitler stared in 1933.
 One by one, trump is slowly eroding civil rights; he and his cabinet  of  the Neo-Nazi chief of staff Steve Bannon, his KKK member buddies, as well as other people so unqualified for the positions they are appointed to, is frightening.

People, it is time, it is time to put boots on the ground.  To fight the hate, to fight the bigotry, and so on.  we the people  can not allow this to continue. And we need to do it now!

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