Sunday, April 2, 2017

Danger! ICE is on the Loose!

April 1, 2017.
 Evening  all,  yes its been a while since I've Blogged.  I have been busy  with the Delta Dems, and setting up work shops on  Safe Havens, AKA, Sanctuary cities.

Being back into Politics at age 61 is a lot harder than I remember from the 70's.

Ok,  whats new; the investigation into Twitter fingers trump and his Russian connection is under way, if you say it fast. And, we have the old saying of:  'The fox guarding the chicken coop!'  The only way the truth is going to come out, is if they have an independent investigation! Trump insiders are not going to find any wrong doing. Of that, you can be sure. Anyone with an once of working brain matter knows that trump is in bed with Putin and Russian agents. "Where there is smoke, there is sure to be fire."  If you doubt this collusion, then look no further than all the Russians who could testify, suddenly ending up dead.

In CCC, or (Contra Costa County), we are fighting a jail expansion to house ICE victims, and lock up people with mental issues.  In my research, locking up people with mental issues NEVER WORKS. It just creates more problems for the individual.   This lock up comes at a two fold price: first, the cost to the tax payers is prohibitive. It costs more to house people in prison  than it does for walk-in mental health programs.  Second, in lockups, there are never any good quality services for the inmates.
ICE is violating human rights at every turn. It's gotten so bad that they are locking up American Citizens now.  Arresting legal aliens, and locking them up in conditions that no human being should be made to suffer.  Crowded holding cells with as many as 30 people for days, no beds, cold food, one toilet, and forced to sleep on a concrete floor. They are doing this to men, women and CHILDREN!   Today, April 1st, they arrested LEGALS trying to update their green cards. Within the past few days, ICE has been trolling court houses, picking up people they suspect of being without legal status just because of how they look or sound!

Where does it end? With everyone locked up in FEMA  camps ? Forced to do slave labor?  Strong hints of Nazi Germany are going on here.      

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