Thursday, January 26, 2017

Important News for East Contra Costa County Democrats!

Residents east of Antioch in eastern Contra Costa County, California (District 4), now have a place and a voice to support Democratic issues. This is a current and burning issue, as we all know. 

We are a grassroots group, beginning with a small core group.  Keep abreast of this blog and watch for posts on Facebook, Twitter, and in the local newspapers, (Brentwood and Oakley Presses, East County times, etc.) for important information on how to become part of our voice.

We aim to act against Trumpery, both in the real sense of stopping the current occupant of the White House from doing the damage he intends toward our nation, and in the dictionary definition of the word.  

Last night I was elected vice chair of this group, the Delta Democrats. Our immediate focus is stopping the onslaught of executive orders, (most of which probably won't stand, anyway), and also to address other issues important to our collective understanding of the Democratic process.

These include, but are not limited to:  Women's Issues, Education, LGBTQ Issues, Veterans, Native American, Homeless, Disabled Persons, and Senior Issues.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, but please remain civil; no name calling or foul language.  Comments running afoul of this simple rule will be deleted.

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